Kurulus Osman Episode 125 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 125

I wouldn’t have been able to leave there in one piece if you hadn’t been with those prisoner commanders, Osman Bey, as shown in Kurulus Osman Episode 125. You came regardless, hasn’t that ever crossed your mind that Nayman might shoot us both there? Although Nayman might want it, Beys wouldn’t let him. And our move was safe. InshaAllah, they will leave these lands soon. InshaAllah. We paid for it with our warriors. We have a common destination, Osman Bey. Shahada is the highest ranking position. May our warriors rest in peace. Ameen!

Kurulus Osman Episode 125 with Urdu Subtitles



Kurulus Osman Episode 125 with English Subtitles

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You will be destroyed by Nayman, Osman! He will be your ruin! We will ruin your family and you! You say so? Come on! Free us and see! I’ll drink your son’s blood! I’ll kill you! We’ll drink their blood! Osman! We’ll drink their blood! Do you intend to train your sons now? Yes. Osman! Would you be courageous enough to free me and see what I can do to you? We’ll rip you apart! Are we going to have training, my Bey? No training. You’ll face a battle. We’ll see once the intelligence is handled, sons. A rolling stone cannot gather moss.

It’s time to untie them! You have the stage now. You don’t show mercy to my nephews. I do. If I do, then they’ll have to ask for mercy. The enemy won’t show mercy either. EyvAllah. My Bey. Stop there, MashAllah. MashAllah. Take them away. Sons, that’s it. You need to look weak. And you need to encourage the enemy. He will make a mistake. May you live long. My Bey, you made us train even before we heard the news. The training is more important than Bursa, brother. The sons are more important than all the cities.

Kurulus Osman Episode 125 in Urdu

You should show me how skilled you are when you’re tired. Tell me about Bursa. Go there. Tekfur of Bursa, Valens Hadrath! Great God! We all send our regards to you. May your eternal power be with those who believe. Amen. We live to fight enemies of Jesus. Welcome. What do we know about Nayman? Nayman comes from the Melgen tribe. It’s a warrior tribe. His father has always been loyal to him. How does Nayman differ from his father? It was Nayman’s loyalty to himself and his religion that led him to rebel against Gazanhan.

In spite of his strength, he always concealed his true intentions. Now he wants to destroy Gazan. If Gazanhan can’t see that, he should be killed. We need to let them kill each other. The only one who is blind is you, Vasilyus. Nayman will come to us. We will be crushed if we don’t choose the right side. What about Osman? He fought Nayman. That’s why he’s coming. It’s clear what Osman’s past. The question is, what will happen to him in the future? We don’t need to know what he’ll do, Tekfur Valens, because Osman doesn’t have a future. Bursa is mine.

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